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“TEAM with its sharp focus on mobility is an ideal partner for helping you design and realize a mobile strategy best suited for your business needs. We have deep engineering experience on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) and platforms (iOS, Android and Windows Phone). Further, our mobile lab has a wide range of devices that will allow us to build and test on multiple relevant devices and ensure your mobile apps are robust and delight your customers.”

Our Service

Our expertise is targeted towards building Mobility Applications leveraging various approaches like Native, Cross Platform and Mobile Web Application Development. Our expertise ranges from development of Apps on IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian and Mobile Web Technologies like HTML5. Our team understands limitations on various cross platform and other 3rd party integration points (including middleware) and leverage the experience in targeting the best solution.


Our Competency

Mobile Application Development
TEAM provides end to end application development services across the development lifecycle forMobile applications targeting enterprise and consumers.
Mobile BI & Analytics
TEAM helps customers integrate BI and analytics into their mobile solutions – dashboards, Analytics, and rule based alerts to enable data driven decision making products.
Mobile Testing
TEAM Mobility Testing Methodology involves a staged and multipronged approach to assuring mobile application quality. We offer testing across multiplicity of Mobile Operating Systems and versions – Cross Platform and Cross Version Validation across – iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc.
Mobile Application Management
TEAM helps customers in implementing the mobile application management solutions – enterprise application store, creating enterprise containers, implementing security policies, virtual box solutions – to enable the optimal management of enterprise data on the user’s device.
UX Services
TEAM provides design engaging UX for mobile devices – optimized for content, convenience, context, productivity, performance & fun enabling customer to develop highly usable and visually appealing application.
Mobile App Platform- Design & Implementation
TEAM helps customers design and implement a mobile application platform that allows developers to enhance productivity and create cross-platform, standards based, smart, optimized and integrated mobile apps.
Mobile Infrastructure & Management Services
TEAM enables customers to quickly mobile enable their business while controlling costs. We provide managed services in conjunction with cloud based hosting of data and applications which helps in minimizing upfront investments while providing the customer a mobile footprint.
Mobile Device & Security Management
TEAM provides services for engineering and enhancing mobile solutions with monitoring, configuration, management capabilities & security features.

Our Approach

Our Approach is Very simple and Straight , We start from Business needs –> process gap analysis –> process tailoring –> solution implementation , verification and training.

Strategy services for mobility solutions

• Define mobility roadmap and identify key success factors for higher user adoption
• Determine the best mobility solution technology platforms, architectures and components for your present and future business needs
• Accelerate industry research in emerging technologies through our mobile centers of excellence

Mobility solutions application design and migration services

• Design, develop, deliver and maintain enticing, feature-rich user applications
• Migrate existing applications to new platforms and integrate mobility solutions with pre-existing applications
• Reduce errors with automation tools, verification methods and data integrity checks

Testing and maintenance services for mobility solutions

• Thoroughly test your mobile solutions using our Mobile Automation Test Framework and mBrowser test solutions
• Collect, consolidate and analyze mobile application data with advanced data analytics and reporting tools

Enterprise mobility architecture in management services

• Host, remotely monitor and assure security compliance
• Manage user access and handle data backup, archival and reporting tasks

Deliverable and Case Study

As a Leading Software & Network Technology Provider in Qatar , we are Passionate aboput empowering business using cutting edge technology consulting and providing real time business solutions. “We specialize in providing Personalized Solution That Every Business really Counts on “ – We are the Experts that you can trust to covert Complex Challenges Into Simple Solutions.

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