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“Primavera helps project managers in breaking large projects into smaller, easier projects, activities, and tasks as the project size can be large and overwhelming.”

Our Service

Primavera is useful for any size project across every industry. The scope of Primavera is an ever-changing, ever-growing tool giving unparalleled control, monitoring, and insight to planners, employers, stakeholders and anyone who are involved in a given project for making activities and tasks easier to complete.


Our Competency

Helps in Minimizing Risks
Project expenses grow when your schedule has inconsistencies, overrun issues or errors, and to compensate for the excess costs you have to remove more important parts of the project.
Accessing and Managing the project schedule remains simple, in spite of many complex analyses and processes that Primavera offers. The software simply determines if any problem exists, once you input the information.
Expanded Resources
All the available resources involved in a project is carefully monitored by Primavera, adjusting such resources to meet the demands of the project. It also helps in reducing resource cost by analyzing resource trends and costs.
Improved Visibility
The topmost priority of Project Managers and business executives are the visibility and compliance with environmental and political regulations. You can ensure possible violations of your project beforehand as the Primavera allows entry, tracking, and analysis of all the data in one location.
Predicting of Project Activities
Forecasts for resources, activities and other project needs can be made with the help of Primavera Software, as a project may require activities, resources, and tasks to meet stakeholder demands, as the project evolves.
Tracking Features
By ensuring all the project to be completed, maintaining baseline adherence, the tracking feature of Primavera allows rapid generation of reports by the users.
Improved Communication
Primavera helps in enhanced communication, between executive-level staffs and other workers, project managers, and planners demand large geographic areas, hundreds of workers and other stakeholders. To ensure all the users view the message, notes can be entered to the schedule in the software.
The Responsibility is given to Employees in Schedule Creation
By allowing the user access to the schedule, Primavera makes planning and scheduling method easier. Also, workers from their location can create their schedules in the software. Also, they can turn in timesheets, perform other scheduling functions and make schedule requests.

Our Approach

Our Approach is Very simple and Straight , We start from Business needs –> process gap analysis –> process tailoring –> solution implementation , verification and training.


To ensure that the schedule is filled in appropriately, Primavera includes an array of scheduling alerts and reporting tools, resulting in keeping the project on schedule and within budget.

Risk and Opportunity Management

Project Managers can easily identify when risks may occur, and the impact of these risks in the project’s baseline and schedule. Initial and recurring risk is conducted by project managers and also opportunity analysis is done within the schedule.

Resource Management

Uses of resources can closely be monitored by Project Managers within Primavera, and generate forecasts of changes in resource availability. To keep the project on track, project managers identify what other resources may be diverted within Primavera. ERPM users can transform raw data into easily understandable and shareable graphics by taking advantage of the visualization tool.

Contract Management

Organization can keep control over multiple projects or programs with the help of Primavera. Project Managers can copy information from the Oracle database in seconds when a new project closely mirrors a previous project.

Deliverable and Case Study

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