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PMO Setup &
Enterprise Governance framework.

“In   an   effort   to   improve   project management   capability   from   within, many progressive organizations have embraced the concept of a Project Management Office (PMO).   The PMO takes responsibility for all projects within an organization encompassing ongoing development of project management as a discipline, project portfolio management as well as strategic project services.”

Our Service

Our expertise ensures your Project/Programme Management Office (PMO) delivers the maximum value for your organization, driven by a fit-for-purpose design with appropriately skilled resources.


Our Competency

PMO Setup services
The first thing to setup a PMO is to set the Policies, Procedures, Templates, Form and customize them according to the need.
PMO software implementation
PM aspire has Baseline PMO Software to manage entire PMO. It just takes few clicks to bring your entire PMO into a software. PMO software gives the real time status of all projects.
PMO audit service
Once PMO is in place, it's important to check project team is following the PMO rules, policies, procedures and getting compliance. Our expert PMO consultants will be coaching the team to follow the processes.

Our Approach

Our Approach is Very simple and Straight , We start from Business needs –> process gap analysis –> process tailoring –> solution implementation , verification and training.

Jotting Down an Assessment

Understanding the inside and out of your requirements and your objective of setting up a PMO is key in setting up and eventually running a PMO. Assessment is the necessity when it comes to setting up a PMO. You would need to go through and measure up the current status of the project management office organization and check for the desired target scenario the company would like to be in.

Listing Down the Recommendations

You’ve now assessed where your project management office organization stands at and where does the PMO have to intervene, your next step is to carefully list recommendations on how to fill in the gaps with process, people, or systems and combinations and permutations of those. Keep in constant touch with employees working within the organization and ask them for frequent feedback, and you will be able to find out the weaknesses as well as strengths of the processes and systems put up during the execution of each project.

Building an Execution Plan

Get started with the tactical ones and just like projects, maintain the requirements of time, cost, and resources in order to develop an implementation plan. Top management loves to see a dedicated and influential manager all ready to walk the mile.

Implementing the Execution Plan

Show up the value the PMO has been holding for you with every win that goes by, and always keep in mind of the objective at hand, while keeping a stern eye towards not deviating from the plan at all. The PMO needs to help people with their projects in a way so as to conform to the company’s standard. With these short wins, you can establish confidence of the many things a PMO can turn into.

Communicating the Update in Frequent Intervals

Communication is an extraordinary factor in our lives that makes transfers of knowledge and information so very convenient, if utilized effectively. In the case of setting up and validating the moves of a PMO, communication is a crucial component to its success and its meaningful implementation. For a PMO to last, the communication framework needs to be strong and should address all the concerned.

Stop. Watch. Fix. Repeat

Continuous improvement is the best way for a project or any undertaking to grow and mature into the systems and processes we’d like them to be. Your PMO would have short- as well as long-term recommendations made. These should be reviewed frequently, mostly on a yearly basis, to make plans and deal out opportunities from them. With every review and plan and implementation, your PMO grows and so does the project management office organization in its implementation of projects and programs.

Deliverable and Case Study

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