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“The important question to ask is, “Why do I want to outsource my L&D functions?” If you are expecting ‘outsourcing’ to provide you with an immediate solution to a very pressing problem, you are at the right path to choose us , We provide qualitative L & D solutions such as rolling out a customized digital platform for your enterprise , hosting self-placed learning materials , conduct online classroom training and also we do arrange on site physical classroom training as per your organizations demanding requirements. Our materials range from MS office , Project management , Fire & Safety and a variety of other domain areas.”

Our Service

Our learning and development outsourcing services provide solutions for the entire learning value chain. We deploy cost-effective training landscape for clients based on their business strategy to drive measurable improvements in business performance.


Our Competency

Leverage Available Technology
As an experienced L&D partner, we can provide turn-key solutions that include access to Learning Management Systems, best-in-class content development tools, industry-leading virtual classrooms, and more.
Align L & D to the Business
Aligning with us as a flexible partner, we ensure your training programs are targeting current gaps. They usually offer content development, training delivery, training logistics and coordination to fill those gaps.
Generate Revenue
Companies that own valuable intellectual property with their solutions can outsource training to experienced L&D partners and sell access to a mass audience to generate revenue.
Mitigate Risk
TEAM SOLUTION specializes in training and help to prevent unnecessary risk and failure costs.
Improve Scalability of Resources
TEAM SOLUTION allows your company to scale up and down based on the demand of training you need.
Speed to Market
TEAM SOLUTION may allow you to get your product into a lot of customer's hands much faster, without the need for scaling up internal resources.
Reduce Costs and Increase L&D Impact
The number one reason why companies outsource L&D is to save money. Partnering with TEAM SOLUTION makes your company stay nimble as projects fluctuate. You also get the most competitive rates on top talent with the best matches of skills needed for each project, enabling your L&D teams to focus on where we will provide the greatest value to the business.

Our Approach

Our Approach is Very simple and Straight , We start from Business needs –> process gap analysis –> process tailoring –> solution implementation , verification and training.

Leveraging the cost of technology

One of the first expenditures training professionals make , when starting up a training organization is to license a training material and creating tools for the enterprise . This is because , it’s cheaper than designing and building training materials from scratch, using more manual techniques. As managed-services provider, we can handle this purchase for you as part of a package.

Realizing training is not core to your

For many companies, training is a necessity. But the development, management and delivery of training can be a distraction from their core business. That’s why companies outsource to providers that consider training central to their business.

Generating revenue

More and more companies now recognize training is a source of revenue and that they have intellectual property valued in the market. This is why they use a provider that knows how to market, sell and deliver training to a mass or targeted audiences tocreate new revenue streams. Ask Microsoft, Cisco, and Red Hat (just to name a few) that already do this.

Mitigating risk

Training helps prevent failures and protect from liabilities. If we don’t provide the training our employees or clients need when they need it, then we’re vulnerable to being sued if an injury or catastrophic failure occurs. Also, if a company fails to train its personnel on upgraded software, it risks losing the benefits the upgrade was designed to provide. Providers that specialize in training help reduce risk and prevent unnecessary costs because they are experts in this field.

Improving scalability of resources

Running an internal training organization requires people of various skills and talents. Full-time internal staff is a fixed resource, but training is a variable activity. Using an external provider allows you to flex the number of resources to deliver the training you need, when you need it, and allows your company to scale easily up and down.

Leveraging channel relationships

A software company, for example, may choose to source the marketing and delivery of its training to an established IT training company. Managed-service providers have existing relationships with these speciality training companies that have powerful ties to IT professionals.

Boosting speed to market

Bringing a new product to market may be dependent on getting resellers trained on how to sell or service your product. Using a training outsourcing company means your product is in the client’s hands faster, without scaling up internal resources.

Increasing geographic reach

Using a managed-service provider can improve your ability to deliver translated and localized training materials in a consistent way regardless of location.

Improving access to talent

No company has all the knowledge it needs internally to be successful. Sometimes, you need a specialized set of skills. A managed-services expert can bring in the right consultants to deliver – or teach employees how to deliver – a new training course, when niche experience is required.

Reducing costs

The main reason companies outsource training is to save money. It’s the common denominator for all the other reasons above. How you manage training is always about how you manage costs.

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As a Leading Software & Network Technology Provider in Qatar , we are Passionate aboput empowering business using cutting edge technology consulting and providing real time business solutions. “We specialize in providing Personalized Solution That Every Business really Counts on “ – We are the Experts that you can trust to covert Complex Challenges Into Simple Solutions.

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