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Charity Fund
Raising & Management

“Fundraising is the key to survival and success as a charity. It’s how you reach your potential as an organisation. That makes it too important to leave to chance. Our fundraising management consultants can help your charity set up new fundraising efforts and grow existing ones. They’ll help you thrive, now and into the future.”

Our Service

Good fundraising and charity management is all about strategy, and we’re organisational strategy experts. We can help you develop a fundraising plan that defines your vision, develops your brand and increases your impact and reach. With our strategic support, you’ll raise more money, support more projects and have the freedom and resources to develop new ideas.


Our Competency

Planning and Strategy
We combine in-depth engagement with key stakeholders, data-driven analysis, and broad-ranging expertise to help develop a comprehensive blueprint for organizational growth.
Verification and Support
Manage page admins, donors, organizers, and reports for everything you raise.
Solution Implementation
Robust yet simple, responsive and smart, designed to fit into your busy workflow.
Campaign and Development Management
We design and implement fundraising initiatives that transform the future of your organization, including major capital, endowment, and comprehensive campaigns. We also provide interim management services to ensure stability and continued growth throughout any stage of staff transition.
Configuration and customization
Total customization of your look, and the way your donors experience making a contribution.
Data Analytics, Systems, and Research
With our robust analytics and research capabilities, we leverage data to support better fundraising strategies and help organizations identify untapped opportunities and new potential donors.
Crisis Management
We stand ready and able to address your most pressing fundraising needs and help you continue to successfully pursue your mission amid the COVID-19 pandemic and other times of crisis.

Our Approach

Our Approach is Very simple and Straight , We start from Business needs –> process gap analysis –> process tailoring –> solution implementation , verification and training.

Brand development

Our award-winning brand development work has helped charities reach more people and create powerful fundraising campaigns. Without a strong, memorable brand, fundraising management efforts fail to achieve their potential.
Brand development work can help you define your value to both the people you work for and potential donors. If you don’t understand your own value, others will struggle to see it too. With our help, you’ll be able to determine your target audience and create a brand that will reach them

Defining your vision

Where do you want your charity to be in a year, or in five, or in 10? The ability to answer this question with certainty is vital to fundraising success. Without a clear vision, you cannot set relevant goals or create a fundraising plan.
We’ll brainstorm with you to help you determine what you want to achieve. Perhaps you’ll expand into new areas of work, or merge with another charity. You might want to develop new working practices, such as making your organisation more transparent or developing better communication. Or you might be happy with your current direction, and simply need an outside ear to help you put it into words.

Creating your plan

Once you know where you want to be, we can help you develop a fundraising plan to get you there. We work with charities around the world on strategy development, business planning, programme evaluation and budget preparation. All these elements can be included in your action plan.

Mentoring and interim management

Our work doesn’t stop when we finish creating your plan. We’ll then provide the mentoring and support you need to put it into action. We’ll be led by you and your staff, working together in a supportive, change-making team. We’ll help managers develop themselves and others, and help you build the capacity of your staff to deliver.
To deliver on your vision, you may also need the support of interim managers. Our charity management experts have outstanding experience at senior level, leading projects, developing fundraising strategies and managing change. We’ll be able to match your organisation with an interim manager that knows your sector and can get to work straight away. They won’t replace your permanent staff, but can fill temporary gaps and provide a vital outside perspective.

Deliverable and Case Study

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