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Integration & Insights

Our data integration consulting and data integration services save your time, efforts, and money, without compromising the flexibility and scalability required for data integration. TEAM SOLUTION is a proven data integration service provider in the Qatar as well as the rest of the world, with successful implementations for global customers.

Our Service

Data Integration services make sure you never miss an important event and handles it, in no-time, already! We manage the data schema changes and restructure for optimization purposes.  We understand your concerns and convert the data in the way you want it to be by enabling the automatic mapping of integrations. We can also customize the mapping for you in case you need to take full control over it.


Our Competency

Technology /tool selection, System sizing,Architecture Advisory.
Integration of data across diverse data sources, factoring complex business rules
Data Profiling and Quality
Checking data integrity, quality and processing data to make it richer
Migration across technology platforms to meet your business considerations
Performance Tuning
Refining ETL scripts to enhance performance
Support towards maintenance of existing ETL

Our Approach

Our Approach is Very simple and Straight , We start from Business needs –> process gap analysis –> process tailoring –> solution implementation , verification and training.

Modern data integration

A modern data integration practice embraces additional processes for understanding how source data objects are introduced into the environment, how they move across the organization, how information is used by different consumers, what types of transformations are applied along the way, and how to ensure interpretation consistency across different business functions.

Data flow modeling

Many data integration products provide data flow modeling capabilities that display data lineage, and even provide searching and impact analysis related to specific data elements and values.

Data quality control

Data quality control has also motivated interest in embedding data validation, monitoring and notifications of missed expectations directly into information flows. In response to these needs, more data integration tools are adding data quality controls that can be directly incorporated into business applications.

Data virtualization and data federation

Growing interest in data accessibility has led application designers to rethink their approaches to data availability, especially as rampant data copying creates numerous data replicas of varying consistency and timeliness. An attractive alternative is to leave the data objects in their original locations and use data virtualization techniques to create a semantic representative model layered on top of federated data access services that access data in their original locations. These capabilities reduce data replication while increasing data reuse.

Deliverable and Case Study

As a Leading Software & Network Technology Provider in Qatar , we are Passionate aboput empowering business using cutting edge technology consulting and providing real time business solutions. “We specialize in providing Personalized Solution That Every Business really Counts on “ – We are the Experts that you can trust to covert Complex Challenges Into Simple Solutions.

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